Homeschool Program

Banta Homeschool 2020-2021

Banta District is pleased to be able to offer a homeschooling option for parents who want to home school their children for the whole school year. This program will be operated under the new Banta Charter School, and students will be enrolled in the Banta District. Students will be able to participate with all programs that the school offers; including fieldtrips, sports, special events, including learning and working in our new agricultural center/farm. In this program, the parent becomes the primary teacher, with support from a homeschool teacher. The district provides the curriculum, a computer, a printer/scanner per family; as well as, all school supplies. In addition, each family will have up to $500 to spend on their own selected curriculum. For more information on this program, you can email the lead-teacher Mrs. Fornaciari at or call the district office at (209) 229-4651.

Additional Information on the Banta Homeschool program will be posted soon.

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