U.S. Census 2020

Census 2020

The U.S. Census is happening in 2020.  The next Census is Spring 2020 and Banta Elementary School District needs your help in completing the survey. 

California receives over $7 billion in vital federal aid for programs that support our schools.  The census count determines the distribution of these funds.

The Census counts everyone living in the U.S. regardless of immigration status (census does not ask about immigration status).  Safe and secure, will not release any identifiable information to any business or law enforcement.

The survey opens April 1, 2020 and be completed by online, phone, or mail. 

Banta Elementary School will have someone available the first week in April to help you take the survey online in our computer lab, assist with taking the survey by phone, or to answer any of your question regarding the survey.  All school families will be notified with dates and times prior to April 1.

If you have any question regarding the Census 2020 survey please contact the Banta Elementary School District Office. 209-229-4651.

Thank you for your support in taking the 2020 U.S. Census!!!

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